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No coding needed. Use our drag-n-drop editor to build linked decision trees for your team. Intuitive design and easy to use features allows you to build truly astonishing trees.

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You can add managers and editors to your company to build and execute your trees. Unlimited amount of collaborators and managers allows one to create truly effective environment.
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You and your team can intuitively walk through trees and add comments to each session, stop and continue and any given time.


Yes, it is. For now, we don't have any plans on adding paid features. All current perks will remain free for sure, but of course if we to introduce new features which can be pretty demanding for resources, this new features can theoretically be a part of a paid plans. But again, current features will be free as long as this service operates.

Well, it really depends on a way you can adapt it to your business. It can be used literally everywhere. Classical applications for such software will be sales, cold calls, support interactions. But there are tons of non traditional ways to utilise decision tree software. We hear about cases where people use it for engineering, for construction etc. Using decision trees is probably the easiest way to implement basic automatization layer to any business.

We are highly supportive of this idea. You can reach us via email Or write us a ticket via support system. We'll answer you as fast as possible with information on your request and if it can be implemented.
Right now we dont have any limits on amount of employees you can add to your company.